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Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled legal services are an option for those representing themselves pro se through divorce, custody, or another legal process. Pro se means an individual is representing himself or herself and primarily handling their legal case without an attorney.  

Iowa Courts have simplified the process of filing for those choosing to handle their own legal matters. Unfortunately the process can still be confusing at times and having a little legal help can be exactly what you need. With unbundled legal services the client decides what they need assistance with and what they can handle on their own. For many it can be cost effective to only have legal assistance on the more difficult parts of their case. Clients choosing to engage our firm for unbundled legal services, only pay for what they need.

Frequently unbundled legal services include:

​Document Drafting - Petition, Answer, Service documents, Default documents, Temporary Matters, Stipulation, QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relation Orders), Motions, Child Support Guidelines, Financial Affidavits, etc. We can draft the documents you need to properly bring your case into court.

Limited Representation - Do you need an attorney to represent you for a hearing or mediation? If you need representation for just a small issue within your court case, we can help. 

Legal Counseling - An option for those that find their case is more complicated than they originally thought. Legal Counseling is essentially a consult for the pro se individual. We understand that you are representing yourself and our goal is to help you understand the process and what you need to prove in court to successfully prove your claim. 

Courtroom Coaching - Are you headed to trial or a hearing and not sure of how to proceed? We can help with role playing, exhibit preparation, and general courtroom etiquette advice. Our goal is to help you feel more confident walking into the courtroom by being prepared.

Need a service that is not on our list? Call our office today and we will be happy to look into your needs and see how we can assist. 

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