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The team at Sayer Law, P.C. is committed to providing the highest quality legal services. Our philosophy is to approach each case with a common goal to minimize the potential loss to both the servicer and the investor arising from the liquidation of delinquent loans.


  • Judicial, quasi-judicial, and non-judicial foreclosures

  • Compliance with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, USDA, and VA standards

  • Stringent document retention and document verification procedures

  • Timely escalation of non-routine matters

  • Compliance with Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

  • Timeline management and robust reporting

  • Expedited transition to loss mitigation solutions if warranted

  • Responsive and timely reporting to client web portals

  • Post sale coordination with timely investor package submission

  • Quick transition to eviction processing

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